Always Looking to Expand

I’m always looking for new platforms to sell on. I heard about the site Depop some time ago, but with the holidays and then tax season, I just hadn’t had time to check it out.

This past week I took the time to look it into it. First I went onto the Depop site from my desktop PC. I was surprised to learn that I can’t really do anything from a desktop on Depop except for shop, and to look at the items I have for sale. Listing and editing your sale items must be done by your phone app.

I downloaded the app onto my phone and was greeted with a page showing various sellers and items that you could buy.

I clicked on the small person icon in the bottom right corner and it brought me to my account page.

To list an item, you click on the camera icon in the bottom center. This will bring you to a page to list your first item.

Because I had just listed some clothing on other sites, I still had the photos of the clothing in my phone, and the descriptions and measurements on my notepad. I easily added the picture from the phone into the app listing, and typed out the item specifications into the details.

For delivery method, I saw that like with Mercari, Depop has set prices for ranges of weights: up to .5lb is $4.50, up to 2lb is $8.00, up to 10lb is $10.00, and up to 20lb is $15.00. This is a great idea if your item is close to one of the max weights, but you can get a better price for the lower end. Therefore, I choose to arrange my own shipping and use Pirate Ship to ship my packages.

Lastly, to sell and get paid you must link your Paypal account with Depop. When you make a sale, the money will go directly to your Paypal account. Depop will take their 10% fee from the total transaction and Paypal will take their 2.9% + $.30 automatically.

I only added three items to date, and haven’t had a sale, but am going to list some more on Depop very soon. Keep in mind that unlike Bonanza, if something sells on another site you must manually delete it from Depop, and vice versa. Don’t get caught selling an item twice!

I’m hoping this will be a good addition to the platform list. Time will tell.

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