Argh Mateys

Platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon allow you to print shipping labels from their site at no extra cost above the shipping cost.

Poshmark emails you a shipping label to print that was more often than not paid for by the buyer. On Mercari, you could print out one of their labels, but it was a flat fee for up to 1 lb, and usually quite a bit more than the actual shipping cost.

I had heard some sellers talking about a shipping site called Shippo. The Shippo site allows you to make a shipping label, including first class, (under 1 lb.) USPS will not make first class labels on their online site, only priority.

The problem with Shippo is that it charges you a 50 cent processing fee. Because I had very few sales on Mercari, I didn’t really worry about it.

Now that I’m selling on Bonanza, I needed a new shipping site. Bonanza allows you to print shipping labels on their site, but they charge you a 95 cent processing fee. That can really add up.

I went in search of a new shipping site and found Pirate Ship. Pirate Ship not only allows you to print out shipping labels, even first class, but Pirate Ship is free. Absolutely no processing fees! The cost of the shipping label comes directly out of my Paypal account.

Pirate Ship is now my go-to shipping site for all Bonanza sales, and even my personal shipping needs.

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