Bambi & Friends

When Errol gave me the SD card out of his trail cam, it was pretty disappointing to see there were no pictures on it.

The girls were unhappy that we were having technical difficulties because they still hadn’t seen anything of the deer except for tracks.

The other day, my daughter Sam was commenting to Errol that something had knocked the salt lick over again. Errol was standing at the kitchen window looking into the back yard and answered, “My guess would be it was her or her friends”.

This is what we saw…

Errol is now hustling to find out what’s wrong with the trail cam so we can get some more pictures of the deer that visit.

Yesterday we had some snow fall, so we had our friend Jason come to plow the driveway. He was pretty surprised to startle two deer in the backyard when he got to the top of the driveway.

You just never know what or when you’ll see wildlife in our backyard! They never get as close as our friend Dan’s did at his home in Northern Maine!

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