As I mentioned in the story Friends my friend Jo and I have been shopping, going to the movies, and going out to eat together.

Now we’ve added Bingo, and what a hoot it is! She went the first couple of times with her family and told me about it. I told her that I’d go with her. We started going on Tuesday nights to the local Elks club.

At first it was a bit intimidating. We worried that we might yell Bingo when we shouldn’t, and some of the games were a little confusing. The “fly swatter”, “Mutt & Jeff”, a “crazy kite”, just to name a few.

There is also a 50/50 that we both participate in. I won it once, and we’ve both won daubers before, (extra drawings after the money is won.)

Jo has won a couple of small pots, I’ve won several. Two of them were $100 or more, so I’m up in my Bingo spendings right now. She jokes that she just goes to help me carry home my winnings!

We had heard of a couple of Bingo places in NH, and just recently went to one in Rochester. It has a lot more people participating then in our regular one, and larger pots. Normally a pot is $20-$50, depending on the number of people playing, and then coveralls (filling your card), can be $100-$200. In Rochester, the regular games are $100-$125 and coveralls were $300-$400.

They had some crazy games that we hadn’t heard of before, and even some “wild” numbers, (we liked those!) Luckily, we happened to sit next to a couple of very nice ladies who didn’t seem to mind explaining them to us. We have met some very nice people at our Bingo games.

We didn’t win in Rochester, but had a good time. We’ll be going back, and maybe getting some more friends to go with us.

Win or lose, it’s a fun night out for $20.

Jo recently found this great picture online and posted it on our Facebook. It’s definitely the direction we’re headed in. We just need some chachskies!

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