Bonanza Update

It has been almost a month since I started listing on Bonanza. So far, so good.

In the past month I’ve had 5 sales on Bonanza. Not bad for just starting I think. I have learned several things about this site that I thought I’d pass along.

When you sell and ship an item on Bonanza an order summary will appear under your sale. This summary gives you great information that you can go back to at any time like the tracking number, (if you need to check on the whereabouts of your package), the paypal transaction, (in case there is a question about payment or you need to do a refund) and the fee that Bonanza is charging you for the sale.

For shipping your package, you can use Bonanza’s system. When it would be less expensive to send the item Priority Cubic, (when the item is over 1 lb but less than 18″ in either direction) I go to Pirate Ship and just copy and paste the name and address in.

I also decided to open a Bonanza store. I got the basic store which costs $25 per month, but enables my items to come up when searched for on Google shopping, which means more exposure and hopefully more sales.

But again, the best features on Bonanza is the importing of items from eBay, and the automatic deletions from both sites when an item sells on one or the other. I recently listed several new items and just hit the update booth button. This will import any new items that you’ve listed on eBay.

I haven’t had an abundance of sales on Bonanza, but enough to think this could end up being a lucrative platform to sell on!

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