Cable Management Sleeve from Amazon!

My husband Errol and I put a TV up on the wall in the kitchen. He enjoys watching the news during supper, and I like to have background noise when I’m cooking.

I didn’t however, like the way the cables just hung down the wall. I tried to fasten them together with black bread ties, and although that looked better, it still didn’t look very good.


I went on Amazon, and immediately found what I needed!

Cable Management Sleeve | Adjustable 80” Black & White Cable Organizer Made From Premium Quality Flexible Neoprene | Baltic Living Cord Organizercable

Errol wrapped the sleeve around the cables, and it fastened easily with velcro. When he got to the bottom of the cords, he cut off the excess with scissors. Scissors were the only tool he needed.


I think it looks much neater, and much better than it did before! I’m very happy with the cable sleeve!

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