Christmas 2018

Christmas day was a lot of fun this year. The three granddaughters that live with us seemed to have a great time, but also seemed to tire quite quickly!

Christmas eve Aya and Aly put out the cookies and milk for Santa, along with a carrot for the reindeer.

They also put the special Santa key on the doorknob so that Santa could come in. We don’t have a chimney, so Nana had to get a key that only Santa can use to open our door.

The next morning the girls were pretty excited to see what Santa had left!

There were thank you gifts for the snacks…

The stockings were overflowing…

and there were more presents under the tree than they could have ever imagined!

The next 2+ hours were spent unwrapping presents.

So many new toys and books and clothing. They really are some very lucky girls!

The last of the Christmas festivities is the scavenger hunts. Santa always hides a special gift and then gives clues as to it’s wearabouts. Aly doesn’t read yet, so her clues are in the form of pictures of places around the house like the basket where we keep the hats and mittens, or the clothes dryer.

Then Aya gets her turn. She has become quite the reader this year. For the first time her clues were all written ones, no pictures. She did an awesome job figuring them out. Some of her clues were “the kitties look hungry” and “time for dance”.

When they finished, Aya had a new Ninetendo, and Aly got an Acorn alphabet set. They were both quite pleased!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and have a good time. Even Duncan was enjoying his new bed!

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