Cleaning 101 – 5 Simple Tricks

1. Got a stain? Afraid cleaning will set it in? Spraying hairspray on a pen or marker stain on your clothing before washing, will usually take the stain out.

Cleaning HairsprayHairspray

2. Pouring Coca Cola into a stained toilet bowl, and letting it set for 20 minutes before cleaning with a toilet brush, will leave your toilet sparkling clean.

3. Flat top stoves can be tough to clean without scratching. I have found that Soft Scrub does the job great leaving it shiny and clean.
4. Use a mixture of 1/2 cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup of water to clean your microwave. Place in a bowl with a toothpick, and heat for 5 minutes. Let stand for one minute. Then, remove the bowl (with oven mitts) and wipe clean.

Microwave oven

5. Using aluminum foil with a few drops of dish liquid on it will keep your glass cookware sparkling, and clean of the brown cooking stains.

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