Customer Service

Customer service is probably the most important aspect of sales. If your customers aren’t happy and satisfied with their purchase and the way they were treated, they won’t be back. Repeat sales from repeat customers is what you’re looking for to become successful in any kind of sales.
DVD sale

No matter how well I think I’ve described an item, there is still going to be a customer with a question. A quick and polite response from you could be the difference in whether you make a sale or not. There are times when I get a question that I feel I did answer in my description. I just politely answer it as if I didn’t. For example, yesterday a potential buyer contacted me about a used DVD I had for sale. I had listed the DVD as “like new” condition. EBay’s definition of a “like new” DVD is: An item that looks as if it was just taken out of shrink wrap. No visible wear, and all facets of the item are flawless and intact. 


The buyer asked if the DVD had scratches or skips. In my mind, that question was answered with the “like new” description. However, I replied to the buyer that we had personally watched the movie once and had no issues with it. Five minutes later he purchased the movie. Had I been rude and replied something like “of course it doesn’t, I listed it as “like new.” There would not have been a sale.

Calculator sale

Another time that customer service is very important is after you make a sale. I had purchased a desk calculator because I was looking for one with a lit display. When I received it, I realized without even opening it, that it didn’t have a lit display. It was actually almost identical to the calculator I own. I decided that instead of bothering to send it back, that I would just list it on eBay.


Not long after listing it, it sold. After the buyer received it, they messaged me to tell me that the bar that holds the roll of paper was missing. Since I hadn’t even opened the box, I thought that was odd. I decided to look at my own calculator to see what kind of rod it had, and if it was possible for it to fall off. After opening the top where the paper feeds through, I found that you would have to break the calculator to remove the bar. It couldn’t just fall off. I then realized that the bar folded in under the cover when not in use. I took a picture of my calculator with the bar out, and with the bar folded in, and I sent them to the buyer explaining that perhaps the rod on hers was folded in under the cover.


Another satisfied customer

Within an hour I received this reply from the buyer:


Thank you so much for the excellent instructions! Your instructions are more thorough then the Chinese instructions that came with it! There’s no mention of the rod being inside the calculator. Once I saw your pics it was very clear where it was. Thanks again for taking the time to help me out, and you can expect a great review!

Not only did I save myself from a return, I made the customer very happy. She gave me great feedback, and will definitely think of checking in my store before making another online purchase.

Just remember, we can’t grow our businesses without customers. It pays to make sure that we keep them happy and coming back! 5 star customer service is what we’re aiming for!

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