How to describe your item on eBay

The description of an item that you want to sell, should be as accurate as possible.

The more descriptive you can be, the better. In the title, you should use as many words as you can that might be used as “search” words, and therefore, widen the search. Start with the brand name, then use words that best describe the item. It isn’t necessary that it be a grammatically correct sentence. The goal is to get as many descriptive words as you can on that title line. On some items, I use synonyms of the item name like “cup” and “mug”, so that either search will bring up my item.


Within the listing, be as specific as you can be. Brand, year made, color, size, condition, material made of, are examples of the things you should be describing.


Most importantly, describe any flaws or imperfections as thoroughly as you can, providing pictures also.


Measurements and pictures from all angles are very beneficial to making a sale. When you shop in a normal store, you pick up an item, and look it all over before purchasing. A customer making an online purchase can’t do that, so we have to “pick up the item” for them, and show them all the angles. There is no point in hiding a flaw or imperfection, as it will just result in a return, and possible negative feedback. It’s just not good business. But the more a buyer feels they know about your product, the greater chance you have of them purchasing it, and being happy with it.

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