Family Fridays – Ari "Danger" Schultz

Ari “Danger” Schultz is the 5 year old grandson of my husband’s cousin.

Ari had his first of many heart surgeries while still in uteri, and had a heart transplant in March of this year. He went through rejection after the transplant, and even went into cardiac arrest, causing the doctor’s to place him into a chemically induced coma to allow his body to rest.

I can tell you that at that time, I honestly didn’t think he’d be able to recover from that. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Ari went home on Friday, June 16, after 189 days in the hospital, 105 days since his transplant, and 86 days since his cardiac arrest. just in time for Father’s Day!

Ari is the biggest lover of sports that I know. Baseball, golf, hockey, and basketball seem to be his favorites. Because of his many stays at Boston’s Children’s Hospital, the cutting-edge procedures he’s had to endure, and his larger than life attitude and spirit, he’s become quite a celebrity in the New England area.

Professional athletes for Boston teams are known to just drop in and visit with him quite often, and when he’s well enough, invite him to come see them at work.

Ari was even on ABC World News!

Ari still has a long road to recovery ahead of him, but being at home with his parents, and younger sister and brother, is a great start! I have no doubt that this strong little boy will continue to amaze us all with his accomplishments!

You can follow more of his story on his parents’ website Echo of Hope or on his Facebook page.



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