Family Fridays – Meet the A’s

As I’ve mentioned, our daughter Sam and her two daughters live with us. These two little girls keep it pretty interesting around here.

Ayanna Ryan, who likes to go by Aya, is a beautiful and precocious 6 year old. Her sister, Alynna Rae, who we call Aly, is 2 years old, and couldn’t be more different from her sister if she tried.

Where Aya is long and lean, Aly is short and stocky. Aya has straight hair and brown eyes. Aly’s hair is kinky curly and has blue eyes.

Aya is quiet and thoughtful and very considerate of those around her. Aly is the epitome of a “bull in a china shop”.

Shy and cautious of strangers, Aya is terrified of people in costumes, even Santa Claus. Aly is afraid of nothing! She is the biggest daredevil around, earning her the name of Evil Knievel Aly at daycare!

Even at age 2, Aya could be left in a room for a few minutes and she would be just as you left her when you returned. With Aly, as you’re putting away the dishes that she just pulled out of the cupboard, she’s behind you splashing around in the dog’s water.

They do have a few things in common: they are both very affectionate to those that they love. They’re both smart as whips, (sometimes smarter than we’d like), and they both have a great love for all animals. One other thing that these two have in common is the love and affection that my husband and I, known as Papa and Nana, have for both of them. We couldn’t love them more!

Ayanna (left), Alynna (right)



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