Fees for Selling on eBay

Keeping track of fees when you’re selling on eBay is important. There are some tricks to help keep that cost down. Listing less than 50 items a month is free of charge, but if you list more than 50 items in a month, eBay will charge you 30 cents per listing for fixed or auction-style listings. If you are consistently listing or relisting more than 50 items per month, you might want to consider a store subscription. A Basic Store subscription will cost you $19.95 per month and will give you up to 250 fixed item listings for free. A Premium Store subscription for $59.95 per month will give you up to 1000 fixed item listings for free, and an Anchor store subscription for $299.95 per month will give you up to 10,000 fixed item listings for free. Additional listings for each store will be charged 20 cents, 10 cents, or 5 cents for fixed item listings respectively, or 25 cents, 15 cents or 10 cents for auction style listings, respectively.

Ebay also charges a final value fee when your item sells which is 10% of the amount of the total sale. This charge will be billed to you at the first of the next month. If you don’t wish to have a large bill all at once, you can go into your seller account at any time and pay your current balance.

PayPal doesn’t charge you for buying something, or for sending or receiving money from friends or family, but if you receive a payment for goods on eBay, PayPal will charge you 2.9% plus 30 cents USD of the amount you receive. PayPal immediately removes their charge from the buyer’s payment to you, so you don’t ever receive a bill from PayPal.

There are other things that have fees or charges to them, a large photo displayed with Gallery Plus will cost you a $1.00, so take care when preparing a listing that in the end, your listing fee is what you expected. Here is a list of the other optional upgrades:

There are discounts that you can get by listing certain ways and /or maintaining a top rated seller status. To reach this status, you must consistently meet eBay’s performance standards for sales and shipment tracking. The benefits to meeting eBay’s Top Rated seller status is a discount of 10% of final value fees, which is subtracted from your monthly bill.

Keeping your fees down will increase your net sales, and therefore build your business.

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