For Your Best Friend

Anyone who has had a puppy or dog knows that they love to chew. Our Cocker Spaniel Duncan, even at the ripe old age of 14, is no exception.

The difference is some dogs gently nibble on their toy, or play tug o’ war with it and you. Not Duncan. If you give Duncan a toy, he will chew on it until it’s nothing but pieces in the floor. And it doesn’t take him long at all. Luckily, we found a brand of toy that can stand up to his chewing. It’s not indestructible, but it sure lasts a lot longer for him, and is at least a bit of a challenge for him. The brand is Kong. They make treat dispensing toys, bones, tires and balls made of a durable natural rubber. They keep Duncan busy and happy for hours, and are much easier on my pocket because they last longer.

All priced under $20.00, these dog toys are the best for buddy, and your wallet!

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Now if you’re looking for toys for the more active dog, Chuckit! has a great line of toys to keep your on-the-go pup busy. We all know that puppies and active dogs need to get their exercise. Without it, they tend to get into mischief. Chuckit! dog toys are durable and help keep that active four-legged friend of yours running and having fun! It can also be great exercise for you too!

The above Chuckit! products can all be ordered from Amazon for less than $10.00!

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