Having worked from home for some time now, there’s only one thing about it that I find lacking – companionship.

When I worked outside of my home, I made many friends. I got used to seeing some of these people everyday, and they became my “work family”.

Being at home every day by myself can be a bit lonely. Luckily Jo, one of the ladies that I used to work with retired, and she and I now make a point of spending time together.

Most of the time it’s a weekly shopping trip. We start the day by going out to breakfast, and then we hit some department, craft supply, and grocery stores. It’s not anything exciting, but it gets us out of the house, and gives us a chance to talk and catch up.

Occasionally, she and I drag my husband Errol out to the movies. Bohemian Rhapsody was our favorite movie that we’ve seen together. We’re waiting for Rocketman, the Elton John story, that’s due out the end of May.

Jo and I also started inviting a bunch of former workmates out to a restaurant about once a month for dinner and drinks. there’s usually at least 6 or 7 of us, and it’s great fun hanging with friends. I just sent out invites to the next one and we’re up to 13!

I’m looking forward to this summer when Jo and I can add going for walks, yard saling, and flea markets to our activities.

I consider myself very lucky to have such a good friend. Happy birthday on Monday Jo!

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