Going to the Fair!

If you live in the area, the Acton Maine Fair is a must in late August!

Acton Fair has always been an agricultural fair with an emphasis on 4H. There’s never a shortage of animals to see and pet. Fantastic specimans of vegetables and plants can also be found here.

Hundreds of vending carts line the main road through the fair. Some are selling crafts they’ve made, others are selling their talents as face painters and such. There are vendors selling everything from purses to belt buckles, from toys to tools. You name it, you can probably find it there!

Then there are the food vendors. Oh the delicious food vendors! If your family is anything like mine, each person has their own “fair food” that they go for. My husband gets a sausage sandwich whenever we go while my passion is fair fries. But no matter your desire, you’ll find quite a selection to choose from. Pizza, fried dough, chicken fingers, steak bombs, and pretzels to name a few. The selection is just as large for drinks. Soda, lemonade, rootbeer floats, sun teas, and fruit punches. No one ever leaves the fair hungry!

Barns are filled with livestock. Cows, goats, pigs, sheep, llamas, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and more. Available to be petted and paid attention to. You can also watch while the owners of the livestock tend to there needs. I find watching a sheep be sheared to be quite interesting.

There is entertainment for everyone too. Acton fair offers a number of amusement rides and games. They also have a parade, horse and ox pulling, the Miss Acton Fair pageant, pig scramble, and 4H events.

If you didn’t make it out to the fair this year, try not to miss it next August. It’s a fun day for the whole family!

Thanks to Sam Bissell and W. Eric Ducharme for contributing photos.

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