Grocery Gripps

We are a family of five, (soon to be six in October), so when we grocery shop, or I’m sourcing for eBay, we usually come home with a trunk full.

Our home is a raised ranch, therefore there are 12 stairs from the car to the kitchen door, which makes bringing in groceries or product a definite pain! I spotted this Grocery Gripps Carrier on a Facebook ad, and thought they’d be worth a try. I’m so glad I did, and so is Errol!Grocery GrippsGrocery Gripps Carrier

It is a simple strap in the shape of a loop, and attached in the middle to form a figure 8 shape.Grocery Gripps

You simply thread the strap through the handles of the grocery bags. You can then either thread the strap through itself, or you can just loop both ends of the strap over your hand or wrist. Both ways work great!

Grocery Gripps

Errol was bringing in 6 bags at a time, which definitely count down on the number of trips he had to make! The Grocery Gripps Carrier works on any bags that have handles. I may have to order a second one so that Sam can join in on the fun!

Check out the Grocery Gripps here!

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