He’s Got Your Back

I like to think that I know a lot about selling on eBay and other platforms.

I find however, that there is always more for me to learn. When I have a question, there’s someone that I go to for answers. His name is Casey Parris and he’s known as the Rockstar Flipper.

Casey started and maintains the Facebook group Thrifter & Reseller Worldh. He also has a very popular youtube channel.

I am on his email list so I am notified whenever he has posted a new video. I try to watch as many of Casey’s videos as I can, and always seem to learn something from each one.

On the rare occasion that I can’t find the answer to a question I have on one of his videos, I then go to his Rockstar Flipper Facebook page and message him my question. Whether it’s Casey himself, or one of the minions that I’m sure he employs answers, I don’t know, but I always get an answer.

Make no mistake, Casey is doing all of this to make money, just like the rest of us. He sells training videos, BOLO lists, subscriptions to a youtube channel, and other things to add to his reselling income. He just seems to be a generally nice guy who is willing to help others become as successful as he is.

Thanks Casey!

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