How to Deal With Online Sales Glitches

Most of the online sales sites have pretty good systems in place. Occasionally though, glitches happen in the system, and you just have to deal.

Some of the larger department stores are having huge clearances at this time of year to start making room for Christmas items. On top of that, the large department store near me is getting ready to renovate the inside of the store. That means even more clearances to get the bulk of inventory out of the way for the move. All of this means big deals for my store!


Because they mark new things down constantly during clearance time, I have been going in to check out the new sales almost daily for a week. This has left me with a great deal to do at home with inventorying, photographing, and listing all the new products.



My husband Errol is taking a week off from work the third week of August, and I would really like to have it off also. That means I need to get all of my listings and postings on my blog done for the month. I have been becoming quite efficient by listing an item on eBay, then posting that same item on my blog, and on other online platforms, at the same time. That is until I run into an online glitch.

Every now and then the online platforms that I sell on will have some sort of problem within their system. The latest one I had was when eBay’s site stopped allowing me to type in a brand. When you list an item, eBay requires that you fill in a brand name. If you don’t have a brand name, then your choices are “unbranded” or “homemade”. I actually was using a template from an item of the same brand to list a new item, when I found that not only could I not keep the brand that was listed, my only choices were the unbranded and homemade. It wouldn’t let me type in anything. I ended up choosing the unbranded option just to be able to get the listing done. When eBay gets the problem resolved, I will have to go back to those items and fix them.

glitchI even checked on the Facebook page “eBay sellers helping each other” and asked if any of them were having the same problem. Several of them told me that they were having the exact same issue as I was. That told me it was definitely eBay’s site and not something I was doing wrong.
As I list on eBay, I check the UPC of each item on Amazon, to see if I should list it on there. Several of the items I listed yesterday looked good to post on Amazon. However, when I tried to list them, I couldn’t choose New as a condition. It wasn’t listed in the options. Just another glitch and I had to list these items as Like New.

Nothing is ever perfect, even the big company sites have their issues. You just have to do the best you can and carry on.

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