I’d Been Flocked!

Imagine my surprise to look out my front window to see pink flamingos on my lawn!


Sanford Maine’s Senior Class of 2018 are using these pretty pink birds to help raise money for their Project Graduation. If you don’t already know, Project Graduation is a program offered by many schools,¬†in which organized, adult-supervised and alcohol-free activities are offered as part of a post-graduation¬†party, as an alternative to student-run events involving alcoholic beverages or other drugs.

I am definitely for graduates having fun, but safe festivities after the graduation ceremony is over. And what a clever way to do it! Attached to the sign is a letter with the instructions as to what to do to become “unflocked”.



Someone certainly took some time in composing such an amusing letter! We then filled out the donation paper provided with the amount I wished to donate. I also gave the names and addresses of 3 friends that I felt would also be happy to contribute to this cause. I placed my check and donation paper into the plastic bag attached to the sign. The flamingos disappeared from my lawn the next day, (they really are trained flock removal experts!) I received an email later that day, letting me know that my friend Monica was the person who flocked me.

What a fun, and apparently effective way to raise money for such a worthy cause!


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