If You’ve Seen One Dufort, You’ve Seen Them All!

How many times have I heard the phrase “If you’ve seen one Dufort, you’ve seen them all” Too many to count would be my guess!

People have been saying that about my family for as long as I can remember. Apparantly everyone else could see a strong family resemblance between myself and my seven siblings. I never could. Sure we all have some attributes that are alike. We all started with brown hair, we all have blue eyes, and the nose is a definite similarity between us all. Other than that, I thought we all looked quite different from each other, until lately.

My family just had our annual family reunion that we’ve had each July for several years. Each year we take a picture of the siblings with our mom. The older we get, the more I am seeing the resemblance now. The first picture that I have of all of my siblings together is from Thanksgiving 1996.


L to R: Priscilla, Candy, Joanne, Dani, and Penny
Front: Andy, Bobby, and Michael

Then there’s the reunions…



L to R: Michael, Bobby, Dani, and Andy
Front: Mom, Penny, Priscilla, Joanne, and Candy


L to R: Dani, Bobby, Michael, and Andy
Front: Mom, Candy, Joanne, Priscilla, and Penny
L to R: Andy, Bobby, and Michael
Front: Mom, Joanne, Penny, Priscilla, Candy, and Dani


L to R: Michael, Bobby, and Andy
Front: Penny, Candy, Joanne, Priscilla, Dani, and Mom


L to R: Penny, Joanne, Dani, Andy, and Michael
Front: Candy, Mom, and Priscilla
Sadly, missing my brother Bobby.


L to R: Andy and Michael
Front: Priscilla, Candy, Joanne, Penny, and Dani
Center: Mom

As I look back at all of these pictures, I now see it. The same shape face, the same cheek bones, and there’s no doubt about the smile. We all pretty much look a whole lot like the young lady sitting in the front. So I guess it’s true, if you’ve seen one Dufort, you have seen them all. I’m quite proud to be one of those Duforts!

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