Joining Groups to Help With eBay

As with any type of business or hobby, you can usually find a group made up of like-minded people.

Readers join book clubs, quilters join guilds, doctors belong to the AMA (American Medical Association), and ebayers join eBay groups. I belong to one that I found on Facebook called Thrifter and Reseller World.

I have learned a lot of things from this group, and I’ve helped answer some other members questions. Whether you’re a seller or buyer, you can learn a lot. Ebay has a directory that you can search through.

A variety of subjects has been discussed in this group. How to deal with certain buyer issues. What to price an item you found to sell, because you can’t find anything comparable. How to tell if an item is an authentic or a knock off. The best way to take good pictures, and just recently, the discussion was what Florida sellers were going to do about their stores during the hurricane. Some put their stores “on vacation”, and some just stopped them for the time being. I’ve never seen a question asked that wasn’t answered with informative responses.

Sometimes, it’s a seller wanting to show a great find he made at his last Goodwill sourcing trip. Other times it’s a buyer showing off the shoes she’s been looking for for months, and just got at a great deal from a fellow ebayer.



Casey Parris, a full time seller that started this group, often makes informative videos and shares them on this site.

I have learned a lot from the people of Thrifter and Reseller World. I believe it is beneficial to any reseller to belong to this or other groups that have members doing the same thing that you do.

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