Keep an Eye on Them

Although I told you that eBay and Bonanza are in sync, and delete listings that are sold or ended on each other, it’s not fool proof.

I started selling on Bonanza the first of January this year. On the 7th, I received an email from them stating that they had removed one of my listings because of copyright infringement. I was selling a phone car mount and the company that manufactures them didn’t want others to sell them. Once in awhile, certain companies will take issue with you selling their product and ask that you remove them from your listings. In Bonanza’s case, they remove the listing for you.

I assumed (my first mistake), that because the listing was deleted from Bonanza, that it was also automatically removed from eBay. I didn’t think about it again.

On March 25th I received an email from Bonanza stating that they had once again deleted this same listing from my booth. I then checked eBay and sure enough, it was still listed there. Apparently the “syncing” didn’t work that time and it stayed listed on eBay. The next time Bonanza did an update, which adds any new listings to Bonanza that I’ve put onto eBay, it must have put the item back onto Bonanza.

I immediately went and deleted the listing from eBay so it can’t happen again. Later that same day, I received another email from Bonanza stating that my booth had been put on administrative hold because the item had been relisted after I had been told it was prohibited. My booth was on hold for 4 days, which is potentially a lot of sales.

So again, lesson learned. Don’t rely on eBay and Bonanza to delete listings. I am now going to periodically check to make sure that the appropriate listings are being deleted or reduced when appropriate. In the case of a copyright infringement, I will delete them myself.

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