Keeping Your Cool

I recently received a letter from an Etsy customer who was very upset about not having received her order from me.

A customer purchased a quilting square rectangle for $19.99 on November 12, 2018. The other day I received this email from her.

I have to admit that my first reaction was to write a scathing email back letting her know that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my customer service. I also would certainly never keep someone’s money and not send out the item. I let reason win out though, and put the email aside to think about it before I responded.

The first step was to get my facts in order. Let this be a reminder to never delete emails to and from customers as they might come in handy at some point.

What actually happened with this order is after she ordered and paid for it, I sent it out the very next day. Her confusion with the price was because there were two variations in that listing. One was a quilting square for $14.99, and the other was a larger rectangle for $19.99. She ordered the larger rectangle.

As far as confirmation emails, those are sent out by Etsy when I ship. She was sent an order confirmation, a shipping confirmation, and an email showing that I’d printed a label addressed to her. I am also sent copies of these emails from Etsy.

On November 26th, I received the item back in the mail. USPS stated that they were unable to forward it, so it was being returned to me.

I immediately sent out an email through Etsy’s system asking the customer what she’d like me to do.

Later that day, after not receiving a response from her, I issued a refund for $16.49. I subtracted the amount of $3.50 from the total of $19.99 for the cost of shipping the item out originally. I didn’t feel right about having her money and the item, so I wanted to issue the refund quickly. She could always repurchase the item if that’s what she wanted to do.

I then forgot about it, and I never heard from her until I received her letter. I replied to her email with the above screenshots.

I couldn’t resist the “Have a nice day”. I don’t expect to receive a response from her.

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