Law & Order

There have been several Law & Orders in the franchise of TV programs, but the original will always be our favorite!

My husband Errol and I are big TV watchers. There are several series that we enjoy together, but one of our all time favorites is the original Law & Order series. We had purchased the first 6 seasons on dvd some time ago, but as all things, even things you really like, became tired of it after watching 5 seasons straight. We decided to put it up for awhile, and went on to watch something else.

Just recently we decided to go back to it, and quickly began to make our way through the sixth season. I decided I better start looking into purchasing some more. I found a great deal on Amazon for only $19.98! With Amazon Prime, that’s with free shipping. I ordered it, and had it here in 2 days.

Law & Order: The Seventh Year


I had looked on several websites, and Amazon had the best price. We’ll be ready for the eighth season pretty soon, so I better start looking for that one. There are 20 seasons of the original Law & Order, so I’ll be ordering a few more in the near future! If you haven’t had a chance to see this show yet, I highly recommend it!

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