Leaving feedback on eBay

Feedback is an important tool on eBay, used by both sellers and buyers. Feedback is given by a seller or buyer, when a sale has been completed, to “rate” the others performance.

Leaving feedback for a buyer

Some sellers wait to leave feedback until the buyer has left it for them. I personally feel that a buyer’s obligation has been met as soon as they pay. I have my feedback set to automatically give positive feedback as soon as my buyer pays.


Leaving feedback for a seller

As I often purchase items myself on eBay, I very often leave feedback for sellers. Buyers should leave positive feedback for their seller when they have received their purchase, in a timely manner, and as described. When leaving feedback, you will be asked to rate the seller’s service in “stars”, 5 stars being the best. If happy with your seller’s service, please leave 5 stars, as it helps keep your sellers ratings up.


When you’re not happy with your purchase

No one is perfect, so there will be a time when you are not completely happy with your purchase. You might have received the wrong size, or maybe the item broke during shipping. Whatever the issue might be, always contact your seller about it, before leaving negative or neutral feedback. Once you leave negative or neutral feedback, it’s very difficult to have it removed, and you usually have to wait out the 12 months until it drops off.


The seller should be given a chance to make it right first, and most will. I had used the UPC search for a dvd that I was selling, and it showed that dvd as a full screen. I didn’t notice that the dvd I had was actually a wide screen. When the buyer received the wide screen version, they were disappointed as they preferred full. After contacting me, I apologized for my error, and offered them either a full refund if they wished to return it, or a partial refund if they’d rather keep it. They chose a partial refund, and we agreed on an amount. The buyer then left me positive feedback for being so quick and accommodating in rectifying the issue. As a seller, you should always do your best to keep your buyers happy. After all, without them, we can’t be sellers.

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