Aly is our energetic granddaughter. Always moving, always looking for her next adventure, always finding a way to exhaust me! She is also very difficult to discipline. She doesn’t hear “no”, she could care less if you put her in the corner, or in a chair, and spanking doesn’t phase her in the least. She just looks at you smiling, while continuing to do whatever it is she wants to.

We were all sitting in the kitchen one day, and there was a Listerine Freshburst Pocketmist lying on the hutch. Aly spotted it, and was trying to figure out how it worked.

Listerine Freshburst Pocketmist

I asked her if she wanted some, and she said yes, so I squirted it into her mouth. The histrionics that occurred then were amazing! She jumped and ran, she cried and yelled, she tried to wipe it off her tongue with her hand, a towel, her sock. There was no doubt that she in no way enjoyed the taste of this spray.

A couple of days later, she was misbehaving, and generally not listening, in true Aly-like fashion. I was reaching the end of my rope, absolutely nothing I said, or did was helping. Suddenly, it dawned on me! I picked up the spray from the hutch, pointed it at Aly, and asked “Do you want Nana to spray?” Complete horror came over her face, she shook her head rapidly while saying “No Nana, no Nana”. “Then you need to go sit down,” I said. She immediately went over to the couch, and sat, all the while keeping an eye on that spray. I turned back to what I needed to do, and she never moved. She just sat there, waiting for me to say she could now get up. This had never happened before! I had finally found Aly’s kryptonite!

I don’t use the spray as a threat all the time, just when she’s getting out of hand, and I don’t ever actually spray it, the threat is enough. Listerine not only kills bad breath, it also kills Aly’s desire to misbehave momentarily, (it’s definitely a temporary fix, her memory is very short.) I don’t think this is what Listerine had in mind when they developed this product, but hey, any port in a storm! If it works, use it!

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