Things I Love – Returns?

With the numerous items that I have ordered from Amazon, I have only had to return two items. Both of the returns were because I accidentally ordered the wrong items. The first one was when I thought I was ordering frames to finish and hang my Paint Nite paintings. I mistakenly ordered the frame that you wrap the canvas around to paint on.

You can see it here.

The second was an indoor antenna. I ordered it so that Errol could watch his local news after we cancelled our cable (A post to come on that later). The problem was that I didn’t take into consideration the trees surrounding our property. They like to block signals of any kind, and an indoor antenna would just not work here.

You can see it here.

In both cases, the ease in which Amazon made these returns is remarkable. I went to “My Order” in my account section of Amazon and found the item I ordered. There is a place to click to request a return, with a drop down menu to choose from the reason why.Amazon then asks if you’d like the refund applied to the credit card you used, or if you would prefer an Amazon gift card. Amazon then sends you a shipping label to print out, and deducts the cost of the return shipping from your refund. You package the item as you received it, affix the shipping label, and drop it at your nearest UPS center.

In both cases, my refund was applied to my account as soon as the UPS agent scanned the label.

I have never dealt with another company, that has an easier or quicker return process than Amazon. I feel totally secure in any purchases I make from Amazon knowing that they completely back their products. On the rare occasion a return needs to be done, Amazon makes that as easy as possible too.

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