Making a Mistake With eBay

As hard as I try to never make a mistake with eBay, I do. You have to accept that it is going to happen.

An error in the listing

Sometimes, it’s with my listings. Perhaps I’m listing the Cubd collectibles. I make a draft for the product, then I just keep clicking “selling something similar” and change the item specifics. For example, I list the Frozen Olaf Cubd, and include a picture of it. Then I click selling something similar, and change Olaf to Elsa, and replace the picture of Olaf with one of Elsa. I have noticed that sometimes, eBay has a glitch, and the specific changes back in the title, and I don’t notice. Potential buyers will then message me and ask if it’s what’s pictured that is for sale, or what’s named.


Switching labels

Another mistake I’ve made happened just the other day. I switched labels. A buyer purchased a pair of socks with whales on them, I sent her a splat ball. The buyer that purchased the splat ball, received the socks. Lucky for me, both of these customers were very understanding. To remedy this situation, the buyer that received the socks is willing to mail it directly to the other customer to make sure she gets it before Christmas. In thank you to her, I am sending her out a splat ball, and refunding her for the first. The buyer that received the splat ball, has been told she can keep the splat ball at no charge, and that her socks should be arriving shortly.


Combining orders

A few years ago, I had a customer purchase a fleece throw blanket. The next purchase was a DVD. I glanced at the purchases and thought that it was the same buyer who bought both items. I packaged them together and sent them out. Unfortunately, it was two different buyers. The blanket buyer was susie7056, and the DVD buyer was susie7055, (not the real i.d.’s.) I of course, heard from the dvd buyer when she didn’t receive it, but I never heard from the blanket buyer. They didn’t respond to my emails, and I didn’t have another copy of that DVD, so I had to refund the buyer’s money.

Not paying attention

I’m actually not completely sure about this one, but I suspect that I sent a customer their purchase along with a $25 birthday gift card to Walmart. I had purchased one for my granddaughter Emma, and had it on my desk, leaning against my printer. I then shipped several packages that day. Later, when I went to put the gift card into her birthday card, it was gone. I’m fairly certain it probably got swept up into one of the poly bags when I was packaging up the shipments. That customer certainly got a good deal!



With this being the busiest time of year for anyone selling online, mistakes are bound to happen. If it’s against a buyer, do your best to make that buyer happy with your solution. If it’s against you, chalk it up to a learning experience. Don’t beat yourself up over it. And if you buy your granddaughter a Walmart gift card for her birthday, don’t put it on your desk where you do your shipping.

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