More Returns

Just like in a department store, you can expect more returns during the Christmas season then normal.

If for no other reason than just because you have more sales at this time.

As I mentioned in last week’s Keeping Your Cool sometimes returns can be frustrating.

I recently sold a Northern Exposure Season 6 dvd. This item was brand new in the package. When I listed it, I entered the UPC number into eBay’s database and it gave me eBay’s photo and description of this item.

Now not everyone knows this, but there was a collector’s set of these dvds that came in a “fabric parka” complete with a zipper. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that big of a hit and they only did the first couple of seasons that way.

Apparantly the buyer that ordered season 6 from me didn’t know that that particular season didn’t come in the parka, or that my picture clearly wasn’t of a parka. I received this email:

Did you even look at what you sent me versus what you listed? The item that you pictured in your listing is packaged in bright yellow fabric (supposed to look like a down coat). That is the collectors edition packaging. Each season is packaged in a different color “coat”. The item that you sent me is just packaged in regular cardboard DVD packaging with the characters pictures on it.

Again, when I receive these less than polite emails, my first reaction is to “fight back.” Instead I remained calmed and responded:

I never said that it was in the fabric coat. The picture is the picture that Ebay has for that version. Ebay has a completely different picture for the one with the fabric coat that clearly shows a zipper on it. I’m sorry if there was confusion, and I have no problem refunding your money when I receive it back, but I did not misrepresent it.

Her attitude then changed a bit, and just stated that she would be sending it back in the next few days. That was December 10th. EBay gives the buyer 7 days from the return request date to mail the item back. I haven’t heard from her since. I called eBay this morning, and they have closed the case in my favor.

On December 19, I sold a car reindeer set for $14.99 free shipping.

On December 27 I received a return request stating the reason was:

Not really understanding how the coloring could be different from the picture. Red nose, brown antlers…looks like a reindeer to me. But anyways, I approved the return.

I have to stop and explain something here. Who pays the return shipping depends on the reason for the return. If you’ve just changed your mind, if you don’t like the way it looks on you, or the way it fits, the return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. If the item was misrepresented, arrived broken, or was not as described, eBay will issue the buyer a shipping label at the seller’s cost.

That being said, because the buyer claimed that the coloring was different from the picture, eBay charged me for the return shipping.

I received the item in the mail on December 31. It was in a poly mailer just as I had sent it. I cut the top of the bag to make sure the returned item was as it should be. I thought it odd that the buyer had a new poly mailer to use to return the car set to me. Most use the same bag, and tape the heck out of it. I then realized that it was very thick where the label was, then I understood. The buyer never opened this purchase. They claimed that it was not as described, without actually looking at the item, to have eBay charge me for the shipping label. They then just taped it over my label.

Now they can return it for whatever reason they want. My problem is that I shouldn’t have to pay for the return shipping because they changed their mind. By claiming that it wasn’t as decribed, they are going against eBay’s policies. Although I have already refunded them for the item, I will be appealing eBay’s decision to charge me for the shipping.

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