My Baby Shark

Brookelynn Marie is the youngest of my four granddaughters, and at the ripe old age of 2 is developing quite the personality!

Brookelynn is a fun little girl, full of mischief. She’ll turn that little smile on you, while she’s sneaking bites of apples.

She has recently started talking up a storm. About half of the words you can even understand! Then she’ll try out her growling face on you, and playfully steal the dog’s bed.

She’s a big ham that loves to play with her sisters until she just can’t anymore.

She loves music and loves to dance, but her very favorite is Baby Shark. Just the beginning music of it gets her bouncing, and she’s gotten very good at the hand movements from watching her sisters and a video. The following video was done without any prompting from us. She makes us smile and she’s a definite keeper!

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