My Girls

Each Christmas I like to take a new picture of my granddaughters all together.

This year after my son Nick and his family left for home (2 hours away), we realized that we’d forgotten.

I messaged Nick and we decided to get together again this month, have pizza, and take the picture. That’s what we did. Last Saturday, Nick, Michelle, and my granddaughter Emma came down. We ordered pizzas, and sat around eating and talking. It was a good time.

My daughter Sam and I took several pictures to try to get a good one. This was the best of the bunch!

Aya 8, Emma 11, Aly 4, and Brookelynn 1.

Getting everyone to smile comfortably, (Aly usually looks like she’s in pain), and to have them all looking at us, was quite a feat.

Here are some of the not so good ones:

Aya is looking up in the first, everyone has devil eyes in the second. Aly looks pained in both. Brookelynn just looks confused.

More devil eyes and Brookelynn is leaving. In the second pic, Aly wanted her turn holding the baby, Brookelynn is escaping.

Brookelynn’s eyes are closed, Aya’s finding the ceiling quite interesting. Nobody’s looking at us in the second.

Aya now thinks there’s something interesting on her right, Aly and Brookelynn look like they’re about to slide off the couch. Brookelynn doesn’t want to look at us anymore, Aly is looking more pained than ever.

Aly’s eyes are closed in the first, and apparantly practicing to be a cherub in the second. In the last pic Emma is trying to get the baby to look at us, which means Emma isn’t.

It was a lot of fun trying to get a good picture of the four of them. Should be even more fun next year with the new baby that my son Tony and his wife Thea are expecting. Could be 5 girls, could be they’re going to throw a boy into the mix, they aren’t telling! We just have to wait and see!

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