My Journey – Part Eleven

It was hard for me to see the weight loss at first.

Even though I was losing weight quite rapidly, sometimes 10+ pounds a week, it was still hard for me to see a big change. I would notice particular parts. Less of a double chin, a slight indent at my collarbone. Even indents appearing in between my knuckles, (that used to be mounds). My clothes were definitely fitting differently too, but as a whole, because I saw me everyday, I just couldn’t see that big of a difference.

I didn’t think others did either. I would see someone and they wouldn’t say a word about my appearance. I told Errol, “See, they don’t see any difference.” One day, I was talking to a former co-worker. I mentioned something in reference to the surgery and she asked “what surgery?” When I told her gastric bypass, a look of relief came over her face. She had seen the loss of weight, but was afraid to ask me about it. She was concerned that my weight loss was due to an illness. I later found out that that was what a lot of people thought.

After awhile, people I’d known for years stopped recognizing me. My friend Jo tells everyone about having to introduce me to my friends. We were at bingo one night together and a woman that we both knew and used to work with, came up and started talking to Jo. She looked in my direction, but you could see in her face that she had no idea who I was. Jo spoke up and said “Let me introduce you to your friend Candy.” She actually has done that several times, and it is quite fun to see people’s faces when they realize that it is me.

Other times it was my voice that they recognized. I’ve always had what I guess could be called a distinctive voice. It’s low for a female, and kind of gravelly. Several times people have come up and asked if it was me, and then told me it was only because they had heard my voice.

My son Tony tried to help me see the differences by putting photos of me at the present time next to a photo that I took in January 2018. I could definitely start to see a difference in the comparisons.

To be continued…

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