My Journey – Part Fourteen

One of the funniest parts of this journey to me has been that I sit shorter.

I noticed it first when I sat in the drivers seat of the car. It seemed like the dashboard and the steering wheel had been moved up somehow. Then I noticed it again in a booth at a restaurant. Errol seemed to be sitting up much higher than usual, and I felt like a little kid with the table being level with my chest. I also noticed that sitting on my kitchen chair for any length of time made my bottom quite uncomfortable. The cushioning on my bottom was one of the first things to go I guess.

All the changes in my life and body definitely made it harder to keep a secret. There were many times that I wanted to tell my mom an accomplishment, or post on Facebook a new ability I had, like being able to walk up and down my stairs several times a day with no problem. But the longer I went without telling my family, the more important it seemed to surprise them.

I had done one of those questionnaires on Facebook that ask things about you. Favorite color, first car, Pepsi or Coke. I answered neither for the soda question. My sister Priscilla, knowing that I’d been a big Pepsi drinker all my life commented to me that she didn’t know that I’d stop drinking it. My first reaction was to comment “There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me,” but I knew I couldn’t if I was going to keep the secret, so I just told her when I’d stopped.

A great source of support and information is the support group that my surgeon offers. Once a month, pre-surgery, post-surgery, and support people would meet at the hospital for an hour group meeting. Shannon, Chelsea, and Devon would be there with an agenda of some sort. One time it was talking about exercise, another was talking about how to cope with not overeating during the holidays. It is a relaxed setting of people going through the different stages. I learned so much at these group meetings, and I hope I helped some people too.

I recently went to my year post-op appointment with the surgeon. I have lost a grand total of 152 lbs, bring me down to 192 lbs. I’ve been stalled at this weight, ( I fluctuate between 192 and 196,) for the last 3 months. The doctor believes that I’ve lost all the weight that I’m going to because of the surgery. Now to lose more I need to step up my exercise, and possibly have surgery to remove the excess skin that I have from the weight loss. I’m not quite ready for the surgery, so I’m stepping up the exercise. Yesterday I did 30 minutes on the stationary bike, besides the floor exercises I was already doing. I learned I need a pillow for the bike seat too!

I want to thank all of you for going on this journey with me. I also want to thank my family and friends that were there when I needed them. I didn’t want to call this the end, because my journey is certainly continuing, and if I ever get to my next goal of 172 lbs, (which is half of the woman I was,) I’ll be back to let you know!

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