My Journey – Part Seven

I was told that there’d be gas.

When the surgery was explained to me, the side effects seemed relatively minor. I was told that the incision sites and my abdomen might be sore, and that I could experience some gas and bloating after. The surgery is laparoscopic, so a fair amount of air is pushed in and around your mid-section. When I first started to come to in recovery, I just felt tired. Slowly, as I began to awaken more, I started to experience a dull ache in my upper back.

Now I am no stranger to back ache. Having sported rather large breasts for the better part of my life, lower back pain was a given. This ache however, was in my upper back and shoulders. The more time that passed, the worse it got. The incisions, of which I had eight, never hurt at all. My stomach didn’t hurt, and wasn’t even sore to touch.

The only thing that helped the gas was walking. I spent the overnight stay at the hospital walking the halls. The pain would subside and be bearable while I was walking, but would immediately return if I sat or laid down. I can’t say that I got much sleep that night.

The pain finally subsided at about 11 a.m. Then they wanted me to start drinking. What a chore that was! The nurse brings you a tray of medicine cups, with a variety of liquids in them. Cold water, warm water, decaffeinated coffee and tea, apple juice, and chicken broth.

Because everyone is different, everyone can tolerate different things at different temperatures after this surgery. You have to find out what works, or doesn’t work, for you.

I was lucky in that I seemed to be able to tolerate everything they brought, no matter the temperature it was. Others will vomit, or have major discomfort after drinking certain things or temperatures, but none of them bothered me.

The goal was to get a medicine cup of liquid into you every 15 minutes. Sounds easy huh? You would think so, but it was pretty difficult to do. I’d take one sip and feel like I was going to explode from being so full. I made it happen though, because I wanted to go home.

When I got home at about 2 p.m. I went to bed and slept for hours.

To be continued…

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