My Journey – Part Six

By the first of August 2018, I had only lost 17 of the 35 lbs that I needed to lose before surgery.

It had taken me 8 months to lose 17 lbs. I didn’t think I was ever going to lose what I needed to. What a surprise it was to receive the call from Shannon, the surgeon’s assistant, that my surgery was scheduled for August 20, 2018!

I asked her why since I hadn’t met my weight loss goal yet. She told me that the nutritionist Chelsea had stated in their monthly meeting that I was doing everything with diet and exercise that I was supposed to do with minimal weight loss success. (Story of my life!) The behaviorist Devin explained that she felt it was the stress that I placed on myself and that it wasn’t going to change anytime soon. The surgeon, Dr. Carroll decided that if they felt that I was doing what I needed to, and that I was ready, that they should go ahead and schedule me.

I was so excited to get the call, and then almost immediately terrified! This was the point of no return. It was no longer a distant thought of something that might happen in the future. It was going to be a reality, and very soon.

It’s also not like you can change your mind after if you decide you don’t like it. Once you have that surgery, your body is forever altered. The doctor will cut my stomach away from my intestines, and then form a small pouch will serve as my “stomach” from the end of my intestines. This will forever be my new anatomy.

The team schedules you about 3 weeks out so that you have time to meet with Chelsea before beginning your 2 week, before surgery, liquid diet. Two of the longest weeks of my life! They aren’t kidding when they say liquid. They don’t mean soup, they mean broth. Yogurt with no bits of anything in it. Absolutely nothing to chew. For two weeks my diet consisted of broth, yogurt, jello, pudding, and lots and lots of water. The reason for this pre-surgery diet is to shrink down everything in your abdomen to give the doctor more room to work.

On the day of the surgery, I was only 2 pounds short of the 35 that I was supposed to lose before. I lost 15 lbs on the 2 week liquid diet!

To be continued…

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