My Journey – Part Ten

Going out to eat has always been an escape for Errol & I.

Especially while my daughter Sam and the girls lived with us, it was a way to have some alone time. It was also an attempt at preserving our sanity. There’s a reason why 50 year olds don’t have babies!

Before the surgery, we’d order a drink and an appetizer, and then the entree. Occasionally, we’d share a dessert. Wow, has that all changed! Because I’m not supposed to drink 30 minutes before, during, or 30 minutes after the meal, I just ask for an ice water. A waitress will look at me quite oddly if I say I don’t want anything to drink, so I get a water that I don’t touch.

A server at a breakfast place we frequent said to another server, “he’ll have a coffee and she’ll have a water she won’t drink,” then winked at me and smiled.

Most of the time, the easiest thing for me to do is order off the sides or appetizer part of the menu. A fairly normal breakfast for me is one egg and one piece of wheat toast. A couple of places in our area know that I had the surgery and are quite accommodating. They will bring me any thing that I ask for, and how I ask for it. A good example is Mel’s Raspberry Patch on Route 4 in Sanford, Maine. We’re on a first name basis with the waitresses, and they of course noticed my sudden drop in weight. I explained that I’d had the gastric bypass and they have been tremendously considerate and supporting. They will bring me a half order and only charge me for half. They also minus off for items I don’t want, (like the second piece of toast, or homefries,) and they will change things if at all possible for me. For instance, they will substitute a hotdog roll for a bulky roll when I order a steak and cheese. Bulky rolls are just too filling for me.

There have been restaurants that haven’t been so accommodating. A diner that we went to often for years, also knew that I’d had the surgery. One day, Errol and I both ordered the day’s special which was an egg salad wrap. I figured I could attempt to eat half and bring home the other half for lunch the next day. When it was brought to us, I thought that the portion of egg salad was a bit lacking. The server then told us that when she put in the order for 2 egg salads, the cook told her that they only had one left. The server replied to the cook, “That’s ok, split it between the two of them, she doesn’t eat much.”

I didn’t have a problem with that, after all, she was right. I did, however, have a problem when we got the bill and it was for two orders of egg salad. I’m afraid that diner lost a really good customer that day.

Errol jokes about the time that we went to a seafood restaurant. He got the haddock dinner, and I got the fried clams. When he saw that I was slowing down, and then done, he pushed his plate to the side and started to eat what remained on mine. I asked why he wasn’t eating his fish and he replied, “the haddock will reheat tomorrow better than the clams.” That man is always thinking!

To be continued…

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