My Journey – Part Thirteen

Goals are so important.

It’s important to set short term, attainable goals for yourself when losing weight. Of course, I had a long term goal of what I wanted to ultimately lose. I wanted to weigh 150 lbs. When I first started this process, that goal seemed a million miles away. I started making smaller, more reachable goals.

The first was the 35 lbs that I needed to lose for the surgery. Then it was to weigh under 300 lbs, and then to see my BMI drop below 50. On December 5 2018, for the first time in my life, I weighed what was on my drivers license, which was 250 lbs. On the day after Christmas, I’d lost 100 lbs. In March of 2019, my jeans size dropped from the 20’s to a “teen” number of 18. I hadn’t been able to wear an 18 since high school. It made it seem like I was making more progress as I could “check off” each goal.

Other goals were attained that didn’t have a weight number. My son and his wife lived on the third floor of a house in Massachusetts. I had never been to their home because I knew I’d never be able to walk up the three flights of stairs. When I went to Boston to my daughter-in-law’s baby shower in the spring of 2019, I was able to walk up all 3 flights of stairs without a problem. My knee issues and pain no longer existed, and I swear I left my bloated and swollen ankles at the hospital after the surgery.

Errol and I have always loved to go to Boston. We enjoy people watching and riding the T. We like to go to Quincy Market, the aquarium, and just recently do escape rooms. These activities were all difficult for me because they included a lot of walking, some of it up and down stairs and hills, and not many places to sit and rest. Just regular shopping trips could be exhausting for me, so you can just imagine how tiring traipsing around Boston was.

We went to Boston during this past summer and I was amazed at the ease in which I moved around all day. I wasn’t tired, winded, or sore from the walking. It was so much more fun doing the things I enjoyed, but not having to pay for it in discomfort!

We no longer had to plan what we were going to do around how far it was to walk, or whether the walk was up hill or not. Tony led us to a restaurant near his home that I swear was entirely straight up hill! Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an easy trek up that hill, and I had some pretty labored breathing when I reached the top, but I reached the top, with no stopping to rest, and everyone else’s breathing was no less labored than mine!

In the past, I would have paid for that walk for a couple of days after. My ankles and knees would have bothered me and made it difficult to get around. My back would have been sore, but not anymore. The next day I got up and it was like I hadn’t even gone to Boston and done all that walking!

We took the Aya and Aly to Storyland in September 2019 and spent the whole day walking all around that amusepark. I even got on some rides with them that I would have never done before because of my size. My weight loss has really changed all aspects of my life.

I had even begged off the fairs that we have in the fall here for the last couple of years because of all the walking involved. Not this year! I’ll be there for sure!

To be continued:

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