My Journey – Part Three

Before I lost too much weight, I wanted to have a before picture.

Whenever I would see before and after photos of people who had lost a lot of weight, I always thought that they didn’t look like the same people. I wanted to see if that would be the case with me.

On January 2, 2018, my daughter took my “before” photo. Wow, do I hate photos of me – and side views, Yuck!

Chelsea had also suggested keeping a journal of what you ate, how much protein and fluids you took in, and your physical activity. Each time I went to see her, she would look it over and make suggestions as to how to make your efforts pay off more.

Errol & I started going for walks. How embarrassing that was at times! Sometimes we’d walk around our neighborhood with my granddaughters Aya and Aly. The area is quite hilly and between my weight and my knee problems, I wouldn’t get very far before becoming winded and having to stop to rest. The girls couldn’t understand what Nana’s problem was as they just be-bopped along.

Being overweight feels like this.

We also would walk around a pond in our city. I would have to stop several times and sit on a bench. I knew I had to keep doing it though, to lose the 10%.

Rainy days, I found a couple of exercise videos on YouTube. One was called “Walk a Mile” with Leslie Sansone. The other was Body Groove. That one is more of a dance video and I only did that one when I was alone.

To be continued…

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