My Journey – Part Twelve

By 11/20/18, 12 weeks after surgery, I had lost 86 lbs.

That’s more than 7 lbs. per week! I started seeing a difference now. I was determined that I wasn’t going to buy a lot of clothes when I’d just keep losing weight. I thought, “I can keep wearing these, even when they’re a bit big.” I went with that theory for awhile, but it soon became impossible.

My jeans were falling off me, and my shirts were hanging to my knees. I put aside my size 30 jeans and found I could wear size 24. The 4x shirts I’d been wearing turned into 2x and my bras went from 52DDD to 46DD. I still didn’t want to buy a lot though as I was determined to keep losing!

Although I kept the size 30 jeans, maybe to remind me of what could happen if I ‘fall off the wagon’, I started to list my too big clothing on eBay and Poshmark. Any of you who’ve lost weight know that we tend to keep our big clothes because we assume we’ll need them again. The weight just never seemed to stay off. I wasn’t concerned this time. As soon as an article of clothing became too large for me to wear, up online it went!

I started a system of buying and selling what I needed or didn’t need. When I fit into the 24 jeans, (I really liked the Gloria Vanderbilt brand), I’d go on eBay and find a used pair of size 22 to purchase. Then when the 24’s got too big, I had the 22’s to step right into. Then I’d list the 24’s, and start looking for a pair of 20’s to buy. I have to admit though, in the back of mind was the 300+ lb Candy saying, “You’re not going to need that smaller size, and you better hang onto the big ones. You know you’re going to need them again.” It took quite awhile to get that Candy on board with the new and improved one!

Even my shoes were too big! Not only were they loose because my feet weren’t as swollen as they used to be, but my feet are actually about an inch shorter than they were. I never would have thought that I had fat on the ends of my toes, but apparently I did! My size 10W feet are now size 9B.

One of the changes most exciting to me was my new ability to wear jewelry! I have always loved jewelry, but it was very difficult to find jewelry big enough for me when I was so large. Necklaces had to have long chains, rings had to be purchased mostly on plus size sites, and bracelets were basically out of the question. They just didn’t make them long enough to go around my wrist. This is no longer a problem. I can go into any kind of store and buy the jewelry I want right off their counter. No special order or sizing. Errol is probably least happy about this added bonus of my weight loss, as it’s definitely costing him some money! Especially when I’ve decided that I like the look of layering!

Unfortunately, my wedding band, engagement ring, and mother’s ring, are all going to have to have new settings. I had them all resized up two or three times before, and was told by the jeweler that they can’t be resized again. They are very large on my fingers now. I was making the bed the other day, and pushed my hands in under the mattress at the foot of the bed to tuck in the sheets. When I slid my hands back out, I was ringless! All three rings had slid off my fingers and were sandwiched in between the mattress and the box spring! I don’t want to have them done too soon, in case I lose more weight, but I don’t want to lose them either.

To be continued…

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