Nana’s Girls

My daughter Sam just recently began a new job, but her daycare isn’t available on Tuesdays. I agreed to watch 4 year old Aly and 1-1/2 year old Brookelynn.

We just had our first Tuesday this week and had a lot of fun!

I moved the playpen to block the doorway and Aly got the foam blocks for them both to play with. She thought it was a great idea to dump them out on Brookelynn’s head, and Brookelynn thought it was quite funny!

Aly & I colored, while Brookelynn danced and sang to Moana. After a lunch of hotdogs and ice cream, I put Brookelynn in her playpen. She had a baby doll and carrier that she was playing with. She began to fuss, and I saw that she’d gotten herself stuck under the handle as she was trying to lay in the carrier. Boy was she mad at me when I got my camera and took a picture before helping her out of it!

Brookelynn is often found in places not made for her, like Papa’s boots and the dog’s bed.

Papa’s boots were taller than Brookelynn’s legs. Her diapered butt was holding her up. That’s why you see my hand in the background. She can’t swaying because her feet weren’t touching the floor! I didn’t want a repeat of the day before when she tripped over heavy air in the kitchen, landed on her face, and put her teeth through her top lip!

While Brookelynn napped, Aly got her toy screwdriver, and asked to borrow my flashlight. She told me that my desk chair was “having problems” and that if I just held very still that she could fix it. She was very stern when telling me, “If you move Nana, I’m just going to have to start all over.” It’s reassuring to have such a handy-girl around the house!

Aly wanted me to paint her toenails, and thought that alternating orange and purple polish would be beautiful. I think she was right!

Later that day when Aya got home from school, the girls tried on some clothes that I’d picked up for them. Aya and Aly wanted to have their pictures taken in ballet poses.

I was lucky to find the exact same windbreaker for each of them in different colors! That doesn’t happen very often! The girls are always very appreciative of our gifts!

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