No Cable

My husband Errol and I have never been the kind of people that go out a lot. We like to eat at restaurants, or occasionally hang out with his sister, Noreen and her husband Don, (who just happen to also be our best friends). Our nights off are spent laying on the bed watching a good movie, or TV series that we like.

The beginning of no cable

We had the cable bundle which included the digital phone and internet. Because of that, we allowed for the cable bill to be higher than some other people’s might be. The bill had gotten out of hand. Between the cable company raising their prices, and then charging you for little boxes that you had to have for each TV, our cable bill was just shy of $230 a month. We already had cell phones, and had realized that basically all we got for calls on our house phone was telemarketers. The landline was easy to cancel, even though I’d had that same number for over 30 years. The cable was a bit tougher to let go of.

Errol loves to watch news, the History Channel, and do-it-yourself shows. I would be lost without the Bravo channel, or HGTV, and we both enjoy some of the reality shows like Big Brother and Survivor. Our grand-daughters, Ayanna and Alynna both like Disney Jr, and we already had Netflix, (courtesy of our son Tony’s account) and Hulu, (our daughter Sam has an account). We had the Amazon Fire Stick that Tony and his wife Thea had gotten us for Christmas, so we unplugged the cable from the bedroom TV and plugged in the stick.

Amazon Fire Stick

An Alternative

Errol and Tony had both suggested looking into Sling TV. So we did. It offered almost every channel we’d had with the cable company, except for local ones. We decided to get the Orange and Blue packages with two add-ons of kids channels and one of hallmark type channels for a week trial. The final cost would be $49.98 a month. I then set out to find a way to get Errol a local news channel. We found CBS All Access, also for a week trial, and then $5.99 a month. It gives us live programming for CBS, besides previously played shows, so that gives Errol the nightly news.

We did try the antenna route. However, our house is surrounded by very tall, bushy trees that simply would not allow the signal through. We may not be able to see an ABC or NBC show when it’s first being aired, but Hulu or Netflix will air it at some point. We’re not missing a thing.

So Many Choices

As a matter of fact, we now have so many choices, it’s difficult to decide what to watch! So with great pleasure, I ordered two more Fire Sticks for the other two TVs, unhooked all the cable lines to the rest of the TVs, gathered all of their boxes and remotes, and I took them all to the cable company. When asked why I was stopping the cable and phone service, I proudly told the truth. The price of maintaining these services was becoming ridiculous! I found out that my new bill, for just internet service, was going to be only $66.48 a month! When added to the cost of Sling TV and CBS All Access, it still only came to $122.45, a savings of $107.55! Score!

no cable savings

There are many other free apps that you can download onto your Fire Stick devices if you wish. Crackle, TLC go, Pluto, and Tubi TV, just to name a few. I’m so happy that we decided to do this. I only wish we’d done it a lot sooner, and saved even more money!

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