Our Adventure

Errol and I like to do something special with the girls at least once a year. This year we decided to do a weekend in North Conway.

The girls haven’t stayed in a motel before. At least not that they could remember, so even though North Conway could be a day trip, we thought they’d enjoy making a weekend of it.

We didn’t tell them where we were going, just that we were going on an adventure. They were pretty excited. We left on a Friday afternoon and headed straight for the motel.

We arrived at the motel without incident, (always a good start!) and the girls thought that it was quite cool that they had a bunk bed in the same room as us!

After checking in we headed out to get something to eat.

After dinner is was time to go back to the room and relax a little before bed. The next morning we got up bright and early, went to get some breakfast, and then headed to Storyland. The girls still didn’t know where we were going, so you can imagine their faces when they spotted the sign!

We then spent the day exploring all that Storyland has to offer, which is a lot! The girls had a blast driving Nana and Papa around.

We all went on several rides. Aya was the most daring of all of us choosing to go into a house that spun around in the air all by herself!

They even had a safari ride that Aly made us go on twice! She certainly does love a good dinosaur!

The girls went through the Nursery Rhymes portion of Storyland and was thrilled to recognize many nursery rhyme friends!

They got to milk a cow, operate a backhoe, and play in an area that shot balls back out at you!

Meeting Daniel Tiger and Katerina was a definite highlight to the day, as was getting their faces painted. Their choices really show their personalities!

We took many opportunities to stop and pose for a pic!

We stayed until Storyland closed for the day and then headed back to our motel. We changed and went out for dinner at a place called the Muddy Moose. What a great place for a family to go!

After dinner, they got to play for a short time on the playground that was outside our room at the motel.

On Sunday, we started the day with a swim in the indoor pool, and a soak in the hot tub. I could’ve stayed there all day!

After we checked out, we went to a huge Christmas store that had every kind of Christmas display you could think of! The girls had a great time checking it all out. We got each of them a special ornament, and they helped pick one out to bring home to Brookelynn.

After an afternoon lunch at McDonald’s and some time on their jungle gym, we headed home. We’re already planning next year’s at Santa’s Village, but for now, this adventure was over.

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