Out on the Boat

My husband Errol, while talking at lunch one day, mentioned to his friend and co-worker Dan, that he thought that Aya and Aly would just love to go out on a boat.

Dan owns a pontoon boat, and told him to bring them over, and he’d give them a ride. We took them over to Dan’s home one afternoon. Dan and Debbie live in a beautiful home, right on Mousam Lake in Acton, Maine.


Aya and Aly both looked pretty excited, but a little apprehensive, when they realized what we were going to do. We got on the boat, and Debbie put life jackets on each of the girls. Dan started the boat, and we started to slowly leave the dock.

Aya thought it was great, she enjoyed looking at the ducks in the water. Aly wasn’t so sure she liked it, and stuck pretty close to me at first. It was a warm, sunny afternoon, so it was a beautiful day to be out on the lake. As we got further out, Dan picked up speed a little. Aly started to get used to it, and get a bit braver. When another boat would go by, Dan would go through the wakes, causing squeals of delight from the girls.


While out in the open water, away from any danger of hitting anything, Dan helped each girl “steer” the boat. They both thought that was fantastic!


At one point, we had to duck our heads to go under a bridge. We then docked for a bit at a store where a friend of Debbie’s gave the girls M & M’s. On the ride back, Aly looked at me, all smiles and exclaimed, “Nana, this is fun!”


Errol and I and both girls had a great time! Thanks again Dan & Debbie! You helped us make some great memories!


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