Packaging Fragile Items For eBay

Packaging your items so that they reach their destination safely, and in one piece, is as important as making the sale.

If an item arrives damaged to the buyer, because you didn’t package it well, will certainly not encourage repeat business. It can also mean negative feedback for you. I take great care in making sure that my packages are packed securely.
Glass, and other fragile items are wrapped in bubble wrap, several times. Crushed tissue paper is put between the item and the box, to ensure the item won’t move, and jostle about in the box. Then secure the box shut with wide packing tape.

For breakable items, it’s also good to put the item into a box, and then into another box. It will help protect the item, and make the box it’s in less crush-able.
I do not use the inflated pillows, or packing peanuts for fragile items. The pillows can deflate when pushed against the inside of the box, and packing peanuts just fill the box. They don’t protect the item from movement, or breakage.

Some items come in a box, but with an open face, like a clock. I place a piece of cardboard over the open space, before placing into a poly bag. This ensures that the face will not become damaged in transit.

I also place a piece of cardboard into the poly bag with items like calendars, to keep it from getting bent up.

When shipping smaller, slightly fragile items like a cd or dvd, I will place it into a bubble lined envelope. These envelopes come in an assortment of sizes.


It’s a good idea to keep several sizes of boxes on hand. I have occasionally been known to make my own by cutting down a larger box.

If your package is sent by Priority mail, and it gets lost or damaged in transit, you are insured for up to $100. You would have to file a claim if this happens. Regardless, it is your responsibility to refund your buyer, while you wait for the claim to go through.

My best advice to you is to make sure that you have done everything you could, while packaging your product, to ensure it’s safe delivery to your buyer.

Unfortunately, sometimes no matter what you do, an item you send can still arrive broken. I recently packaged up a ceramic bank to ship. I wrapped it several times in bubble wrap, placed it in a box with wide bubble wrap around it, and then placed it in another box. It still arrived damaged. This is just sometimes the cost of doing business.


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