PayPal Account Information

PayPal has several products that you can use. You can use it as a go-between with your bank account, and the money will just come out of your bank. You can set up an account that you can put money into to use for your purchases. When you begin selling on ebay, any money paid to you goes directly into your account. They deduct their fee directly out of it, so you don’t receive any bill from them.


PayPal Card

I opted to get the PayPal debit card which allows me to spend my eBay earnings anywhere that takes MasterCard. It makes it easier, if you’re buying merchandise or supplies, to keep it separate from your personal finances, which makes your online purchases very secure.

Many sites take PayPal as payment. You can also have money in your account transferred to your bank account, or to someone else’s account. All you need is their email address.

The cost of the shipping is directly debited from your account when you ship using eBay’s shipping tool.

They also have a Purchase Protection Plan that helps prevent fraud and keeps your personal data private by monitoring your account 24/7. They also are quick to help in any dispute resolution, and offer a Global buyer and seller protection for your international purchases and sales.

For example, I sold a bandana that the buyer claimed never arrived. They immediately put a hold on the amount of the bandana in my account. I then showed Paypal the tracking number for that item, and that it showed delivery to the address the customer had given. Paypal then decided in my favor, and removed the hold from my account. They protected me from a buyer claiming to have not received an item which was clearly delivered to them.

Using PayPal has many benefits that you should take advantage of.


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