The Portsmouth Music Hall

As I stated in Aya at the Playhouse, I love going to plays. Aya seems to have caught the bug too. So this year, Errol and I decided to take her to the Portsmouth Music Hall to see the Ogunquit Playhouse production of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas.


We invited our son Tony and his wife Thea to join us, and they came up from Boston to do so. We didn’t realize that Portsmouth was having a Christmas parade that very evening. You can imagine how very busy it was! We got a chance to see some of the parade, shop in some of the quaint little stores there, and get a bite to eat before going to the play.

Once we entered the Music Hall, we were all pretty impressed with the decor. Having been built in 1878, and renovated in 1901, the Music Hall has a historic and regal presence and decor that is a bit awe-inspiring. Our seats were in the balcony, and we made our way up the three flights of stairs to get there. Once in the actual theater, Aya was again pretty impressed. She spent a good amount of time before the play started just gazing around the room.

The play was amazing! Being a tap dancer herself, Aya couldn’t believe the tap dancing in the play. She mentioned that she couldn’t wait to tell her dance teacher about it. The singing was also very good, and Sally Struthers never fails to add some comedy to any production she’s in!


After the play, we stopped at the restroom before leaving, and again, Aya was very impressed! Even the restroom was a pleasant surprise with rock walls, wooden stalls, a round sink, a velvet seating area, and Christmas wreaths on each stall door! She spoke so highly of it when she came out, Errol went into the men’s room just to see what the fuss was about!

It was an enjoyable evening, and we all had a great time!

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