How to Take Pictures for Poshmark

As I mentioned in Update on Sales I started listing clothing, shoes, and accessories on Poshmark. Because I had already described the item in detail on eBay, the work was done.

I just had to transfer the information over to the Poshmark site. Copy and paste. I did however, have issues with some of the pictures. When I take a picture for eBay, I like to make sure that the item is as close as possible to fill the picture frame. I think the item looks best this way. When I would copy and paste the picture to Poshmark, more often than not, it didn’t fit in their photo square.

This is a picture of a man’s tie that I posted on eBay.


This is the same picture copied and pasted onto Poshmark’s site.


As you can see, only half of the picture fits into the square that Poshmark has for pictures. Poshmark has square pictures (1:1), Facebook pictures need to be a horizontal rectangle (4:3), eBay takes any size or shape as long as it’s at least 500 pixels.

I have always used a Fuji 35mm camera to take my pictures on a setting of 4:3. When I copy and paste them onto Poshmark, they are too wide, (or too tall if the picture was taken with the portrait orientation.) I checked my camera, and there isn’t a 1:1 or square setting. It then dawned on me that Poshmark is an app, therefore, the majority of sellers are most likely listing their items from their phones. I checked the camera setting on my phone, and found that it does have a 1:1 setting. The picture of these great loafers were taken with my phone. Look how great it fits the Poshmark picture square!

Last night, while skimming through Facebook, I came upon one of the seller groups that I belong to where someone posted that they were having trouble posting their pictures on Poshmark because they were square. Several people replied that using your phone camera usually works. Others mentioned some apps that can help like SquarePhoto for androids.


    • Unfortunately, the iPhones only have an aspect ratio of 4:3. If you take the photos with your iPhone, I would suggest using the GIMP program (free to download) to then change them to the 1:1 needed.

  • It might interest the people who cross-post items on ebay/Poshmark, that if you list your items on ebay from your pc first, after editing your photos, you can use the “snipping tool” which is available in Windows, and “snip” a freehand square photo right from the ebay listing, then save (essentially, it is a screenshot). Works for any size photo that has been saved on the ebay listing, if it is rectangular instead of square, simply add space around it when you snip the photo, which adds a white border, but I think that looks good! It is very easy and fast! If you clip and save each picture into a file in the order you want them to be on your poshmark listing…even easier! If you don’t know how to find your snipping tool, just google “where can I find my snipping tool for Windows 7, 8, 10 etc? and you will find a youtube video link”

    I hope that helps someone!

    • If you like the pictures your phone takes, then you should most definitely use it. I just prefer the photos that my camera takes, and if you list from your desktop, (as I do) it’s much easier for me to download the photos from my camera and edit them then it is from my phone. I guess it’s all about what you’re used to and comfortable with. This was merely about my experience using camera photos on Poshmark.

  • Hi Candy, your last message just gave me hope as I found out I was not the only one using my DSLR camera to take pics and I am also using my desktop to list on Poshmark. I just started last night, and I am so sad to find out I cant use all the pics I took using my camera. Like you, I am comfortable using my camera and my desktop in doing business as opposed to my phone. I will try what you have suggested, I hope it works. Thanks.

  • Candy, have you had any problems with trying to edit photos in a listing once it has been posted. I can’t seem to add photos, even when there are open slots when I am in edit. I can change the detail/text information but I can’t add or drop in additional photos.

    • Lori, I haven’t had that problem, and was just able to it on one of my listings. Try rebooting your system. I know mine seems to get “stuck” at times, especially when I’m doing a lot of listing.

  • I still can’t get the pics to work for Poshmark using GIMP! What am I doing wrong using 1:1 aspect ratio

  • Does anyone have the poshmark square photo in “pixel size”? I take my pictures with my phone and transfer them to my computer where I like to put them through my photo editing program to crop, focus, etc. What pixel size should I make the final version so that it works within Poshmark’s requirements?

  • I have all my pictures on Iranview and can’t pull them up to put on this site. I have used the pictures on Ebay but they don’t want to work on this site. Any suggestions?

  • I’m sorry but I don’t have any knowledge about Iranview. If you have the items listed on eBay though, then you should be able to use the snipping tool as Stephanie suggested in the above comments, to make your photo “square” and therefore Poshmark ready.

  • candy
    can you help..
    1. pls add link for GIMP there are tons of different versions.. i am going nuts as seeing all listing has the problem
    2. if you got the pic from other web sites how do you revise to list on posh if not clear and wrong size etc..

    thanks, mia

    • then download the 2.10.20 which is the latest version. Right click on the picture you want to make square and “open with” Gimp. On the top click on image, then canvas size. In the box that comes up you will see width and height. Make the larger number the same as the smaller. You will then see a box on your picture that you can adjust to where you want it. To save your resize, under file click on export as.

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