The Promotions Manager on eBay

eBay store owners can set up special deals and promotions using eBay’s Promotion Manager.

By using the Promotion Manager, you can improve sales of your old stock or seasonal merchandise. You can also attract new buyers with discounts like percentages off, or shipping discounts on bundling orders. Those discounts typically increase your average order size.


Discounts can also be offered on the amount of purchase. “10% off any purchase of $50 or more.”  “Free shipping for orders of $50 or more.”  I have been offering a 5% discount for any orders of 2 or more items. It’s not a lot of money, but it did seem to make a big difference in the number of sales with more than one item.

Occasionally, you can offer sales for certain items for a period of time. Today I am starting a promotion for 2018 calendars. The majority of people have most likely bought their calendars for this year by now. I’m going to offer a 30% discount on the ones I have left. I don’t want to get stuck holding on to too many of them.


How To

By going to Marketing in the Seller Hub, and then Promotions, there are easy step-by-step instructions that walk you through the process. Be sure of what you’re offering and on which merchandise. Once a sale is active, you can’t change the discount, or add new items. You can add up to 500 items from your inventory to your sale, and you can have settings that allow it to add new items that qualify when you list them. If I added more calendars tomorrow, they would be added on to this sale event.

The Promotion Manager is also a great way to introduce new items with several special offers it has such as Buy one, get one free.

Promoted Listings

Promoted listings is different from the Promotion Manager as it’s a way to make your item seen by more buyers by boosting the visibility by 30%. There is a fee for this, but only if an item that you’ve promoted has been purchased. There is no fee if you don’t sell a promoted listing. As a Top Rated Seller, you will receive a $30 credit toward promoted listings.

My son Tony set up a promoted listing for me with the Byers’ Choice Carolers that I’ve been selling. I had purchased 30 of them at a yard sale this past summer, and thought that they would be a great item to promote. In 6 months I have sold 19 of the 30 for a tremendous profit. I believe the added visibility was definitely a plus!

Using the Promotion Manager and promoted listings is a necessary seller tool.  You can’t sell what the buyers can’t see, and buyers are always looking for a bargain!



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