Redecorating the Nest

Our daughter Sam has rented an apartment for her and her family, and are in the process of moving all of their belongings to the new place.

Although we miss having the girls here all the time, we aren’t really empty nesting because we still see them almost daily. We will however, have 3 empty rooms when they finish taking all of their things, which means we’ll be redecorating.

I have always wanted a pantry. Right now our extra dry goods are on shelves in the corner of the cellar. Our new pantry will be in Aya’s old room.

Because we will have a pantry, we’ll be able to take the shelves out of the living room closet and actually be able to use it as a coat closet, instead of a kitchen cabinet.

The bedroom that Aly & Brookelynn shared will now be a playroom/bedroom for all of our grandchildren. We still plan on having them visit and stay over frequently so they still need a space.

The change that I’m most excited about is what we’re doing to Sam’s former room. It’s going to be my eBay inventory room. Right now the bankers boxes and totes are all in the cellar in a “maze of towers.” Not only is it hard to find the box you need because it is so crowded, but it’s actually blocking a major portion of the heat from coming upstairs. It’s also going to be nice to have everything in one area instead of in several locations around the house as it is now.

Errol is on vacation from his job next week, but trust me, it’s going to be a working vacation. We have a lot to do!

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